Argentina one step away from approving the greatest

universal genocide

Preliminary support for abortion


By Juan Carlos Monedero (h)


December 11, 2020:  at dawn, by a margin of 131 to 117 votes, the Chamber of Deputies approved the draft of the abortion law in Argentina. This is the preliminary support of a project that could be approved by Senators, probably on December 28, precisely the day of the Holy Innocents.

Many are the reflections and comments in this regard:


  1. In reality, a bill to allow abortion for any reason or cause, up to the 9 months was passed; disguised in a fraudulent text that supposedly allows abortion only up to 14 weeks (which would still be horrifying). However, every woman may have an abortion after this period claiming “danger to her “integral health””, a concept so elastic that it encompasses anything. “Health is an integral concept that has three dimensions: physical, mental and social, according to what is established by the WHO”. “The danger to health must be understood as the possibility of health damage. It does not require the verification of a disease and, in this sense, it should not be required that the danger be of a specific intensity. It will suffice with the potential for health effects to determine the setting as a cause of non-punishable by abortion. The concept of danger does not require the configuration of damage, but rather its possible occurrence” (Resolution 3158/2019, Ministry of Health of the Nation)
  2. Argentine politicians use poor women and raped girls as a pretext for legalizing abortion, when they are responsible for having led millions of people into poverty as they are also responsible for the increase in crime rates. The truth is that political power is a docile instrument of global organizations such as the IMF, the World Bank, the WHO-UN, among others. Politicians don’t do it for the raped girls or the poor, they do it under pressure -or bribery- from international organizations. These politicians caused a real social and moral disorder, decades ago, a chaos in which we, Argentines, live; and now they bring the criminal “recipe” of abortion as a solution.
  3. Argentine leaders do not work to eliminate the differences between rich and poor in terms of health, education, job opportunities, etc. They only work to equalize the rich and the poor in the crime of abortion.
  4. It does not matter that scientific evidence is conclusive regarding the beginning of human life at conception. They do not care that the National Academy of Medicine has declared that “destroying a human embryo means preventing the birth of a human being”. Politicians turn their backs on the most basic scientific reality.
  5. Officialism and opposition are the same: Alberto Fernández, Cristina Kirchner and the forces that responded to Mauricio Macri, along with the Radical Party and the far-left- wing parties have noticeable coincidences regarding their stands on abortion and other moral issues. What they discuss are just administrative minutiae: when it comes to fulfilling the criminal globalist mandates, with few exceptions, they act as a bloc.
  6. It does not matter that the Argentine Civil Code (art. 19) recognizes the beginning of human personhood at conception. It does not matter that the National Constitution (art. 75, inc. 22) incorporates international treaties, where by the human person is recognized from conception. It does not matter that Argentina has adhered to the Pact of San José de Costa Rica in 1984, which also recognizes human personhood at conception. It does not matter that in 1990 Argentina adhered to the Convention on the Rights of the Child, which recognizes the child as “every human being from the moment of conception to 18 years old”. Politicians turn their backs on laws written by themselves!
  7. The Argentine State is already forcing abortion for low-income women, as stated in a recent complaint to which we refer[1].
  8. The main trap in this debate is accepting it. Holding the debate for the sake of the principle of “freedom of thought” is already a first moral surrender. Not only do we, Argentines of goodwill, denounce the result of this first approval, but  also– and first and above all– the very existence of this false debate; an unfair and dishonest one, whereby the personhood status of embryos is debated despite the fact that  there is resounding scientific evidence proving it. Abortion is not debated, it is fought against.
  9. The legalization of abortion will lead to an increase in the abortion rate, as statistics show in all the countries where it has been legally allowed [2]. An attempt is made to spread this practice under the labels of “reproductive rights”, “public health” and “termination of pregnancy”, as operations of linguistic warfare. They are fictions of language that only make the unborn child invisible.
  10. Argentine politicians repeatedly claim that “first world countries have legalized abortion.” It is a vicious argumentative fallacy: the United States emerged as a world superpower in 1945 without having abortion legalized, which only reached some of its states almost 30 years later. Spain in the 1970s was one of the top ten economies in the world. Even within the so-called first world countries there are differences[3]: Alabama condemns all abortions; Georgia, Ohio, Kentucky, Mississippi and Louisiana condemn abortion after six weeks, which in practice amounts to almost total prohibition. Arizona, Arkansas, and North Carolina are stepping back on abortion policies. The same in North and South Dakota. Indiana, Missouri Nebraska and Texas are also retreating. Conversely, states like California, Washington, New York and Oregon are moving in a pro-abortion direction. This shows that there is no correlation between being a “first world” country and legalizing abortion.
  11. With this bill, the leaders of Argentina are taking another step into the destruction of the population of this country. It is a true genocide, designating the Argentine State as a terrorist state. If children can be dismembered, then why would we be interested in protecting other rights such as freedom, property? If babies today are at the mercy of women because they are the strongest, then tomorrow anyone considered a weak person could be also crushed by the strong. Argentina is violating the rights with this preliminary approval in Congress.
  12. Argentine politicians have bought into lies of abortion groups, such as their false figure of half a million abortions per year. Nathanson[4] already revealed, long ago, how abortion activists inflated the abortion numbers, as well as the numbers of women killed in clandestine abortions.
  13. The National Health Minister, Ginés González García, went as far as affirming that the unborn child is only “a phenomenon”. And in a Freudian slip, he said: “Some say that there are two lives in here, this is not the case (…) If it were not so we would be facing the greatest universal genocide”.
  14. Finally, Argentina is fighting for its independence against a group of men in suits and ties who –from the power plants of the International Money Power– finance a gang of treacherous politicians so that it is the country’s own leadership that puts the rope around the neck of the nation, finishing national sovereignty.
  15. The preliminary approval of this bill and -God forbid- its future approval will entail a political and moral defeat for Argentina, sacrificed by its own leaders on the Altar of Moloch, the ancient demonic divinity, in whose honor the Canaanites offered children.
  16. We call on friends from all over the world to spread the word about what is happening in Argentina. We need you: we need you to become multiplier agents of this news. Most of our leaders want to legalize this genocide, do business with the corpses of aborted fetuses and bring the country to its knees before the New World Order. They can only carry out this carnage if they dehumanize the unborn person: that is why ultrasounds are the terror of abortionists. Friends, from abroad: for Argentina, for the Argentine families, help us!
[1] To confront Faro Films complaint: (“El Exterminio Argentino”).
[2] To confront (See lie number 2)
[3] To confront
[4] To confront; y

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